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Philippines Trade Data

Europe and Philippines to Resume FTA Talks in September 2023


In a recent meeting, Europe and the Philippines agreed to resume FTA talks. Both nations are expecting to open global trade opportunities and gain benefits in support of their longstanding interests.

Philippines Trade Data

Philippines urged to shore up local rice production


The Philippine economy is boosting its domestic production to reduce its dependence on imports. Major imported items include electronics items, industrial machinery, consumer goods, and more.

Philippines Import Data

Australia Starts Importing Fresh Mangoes from the Philippines


Australia now imports fresh mangoes from the Philippines, providing Aussies with access to delicious tropical fruits year-round. This boosts trade relations and enhances fruit diversity in the Australian market.

Philippines Import Export Data

The Philippines’ economic outlook: 2023


The Philippines' economic outlook for 2023 is optimistic, with projected growth driven by strong domestic consumption, infrastructure development, and increased foreign investments.

Philippines Import Data

What are The Top 10 Import Products of The Philippines?


The top 10 import products of the Philippines include electronic equipment, mineral fuels, machinery, vehicles, iron and steel, plastics, cereals, pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, and optical and medical instruments.

Philippines Trade Data

Philippine Trade Minister hopes for EU Free Trade Agreement Before 2028


Discover the aspirations of the Philippine Trade Minister as he expresses his optimism for the establishment of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) by 2028.

philippines export import

What is Philippines Export Data? What are the Benefits of Trading in the Philippines?


Philippines Export Data contains comprehensive information on exports and imports. Look out what is the Philippines export data and the top benefits of trading in the Philippines.

Philippines Import Export Data

The Growing Role of Export-Import in the Philippines' Economy


Discover the growing role of export import in the Philippines' economy. Explore our blog to know how Philippines export data impacts the nation's economic landscape.

philippines export import

Exploring the Top Export Products of the Philippines


The country of the Philippines is situated on the Asian continent in Southeast Asia. The capital of the nation is called "Manila," and it is one of the Philippines' major ports where regular international trade occurs.

Philippines Import Data

How to find the pharmaceutical importers in the Philippines?


The pharmaceutical industry plays a critical role in ensuring the availability of essential medicines and healthcare products in any country.

Philippines Trade Data

Philippines, Vietnam to Expand Relations Beyond Rice Trade


Philippines' MANILA On Wednesday, President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met outside of the ASEAN Summit to discuss ways to expand their collaboration in the areas of trade, tourism, and defense.

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