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100% accurate and verified Philippines Import Export Data

Being updated on the latest international trade trends, identifying new opportunities in this competitive era requires import export data solutions. This is where Philippines import data comes into the picture with its 100% accurate and verified Philippines Import Export Data.

Organizations use shipment data to explore new opportunities in the international market. Use trade to find new reliable and active leads, overseas suppliers and market trends.

We at Philippines import data offer the latest, updated and most accurate Philippines Trade Data. Trade data is collected against the shipping bill and bill of entry Numbers are filled with the customs department. We cover all modes of shipment (Sea, Air and ICD’s). It includes important details like Importer Name, Supplier name, Product, Price, Quantity and HS codes.

Who are our Clients

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Exporter and Importer

Our export import data helps you find new exporter and importer of your product.

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Manufacturer and Trader

With the help of trade data Manufacturer and traders can find new buyer for their product and understand international market.

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Market researchers

Trade data can be used as a primary set of market research data to analyses market potential and product movement.

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Logistics Companies

Logistics companies can use this trade data set to grow their clients. They can target new exporter and importer for their logistics, Transportation and warehousing services.

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Financial institutes

Financial institutes can explore new exporter and importers for their financial services.

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Our updated reports about product movements and market trends can be used by media houses for international trade update.

Trade values of Import done by philippines in 2019.

Months Trade value
Aug 11214111.0157589
Mar 10695450.1375055
Jun 10169911.5099748
Jan 9570525.37902535
May 9559120.49628544
Apr 7073343.99353095
Feb 2602706.43312198
Jul 1033232.08707313
Sep 961066.983995848

Trade values of Export done by philippines in 2019.

Months Trade Value
Jan 9917.40677483862
Sep 8686.76750154218
Mar 8329.240690361
Jul 8124.1060466566
Aug 7982.20173607346
Feb 7706.95110390251
Jun 7052.66209844363
Apr 6901.78557279169
May 6597.13753620475

Why Choose us

We offer you a 360° solution with the Philippines'' dedicated trade data bank.

Find Best Business Partners leveraging Philippines Import Export Data

We give you leverage over your competitors by helping you decide the best partner for your business trades.

Stay updated with Real-time Philippines Import Export Data

Track your competitor's information on trade activities with our comprehensive Philippines’ Exim trade data tool. This enables you to make the most complicated and profitable decisions with Philippines Customs Data.

We Help your Business Grow

Philippines Exim Data offers nuanced reports that consist of all minor details, helping you to understand the pain points and need gaps for your consumers, helping your business grow to new horizons.

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